“The strength of the team is each member.
The strength of each member is the team.”

Phil Jackson

Nigel Hall

“Nigel never stops. Whether it’s ensuring that clients get value for money or improving the way the team delivers, he’s on it. But we could probably do without the lycra before & after the daily commute.”

Interim Manager

Non-Executive Director

Customer Relationship Manager


Rob Silva

“Rob is the elder statesman of the company. Well, at least he’s the oldest! Rob takes the contrarian view to test our thinking. He passionately puts himself in our clients’ shoes to remind us why we’re doing what we’re doing. Tireless, patient, wise.”

Interim Manager

Business Strategy

Technical Sales & Marketing

Non-Executive Director

Martin Gregory

“Martin’s a ball of energy and integrity. He manages people and projects as second nature. His stellar EQ means he’s able to handle tricky or awkward situations with aplomb. And his Dave Gilmour guitar licks are amazing. Clients become friends in a trice.”

Project Manager

Team Leader

Client Relationship Manager

Software Architect/Engineer

Ian Gray

“Ian is indefatigable. If you want an outcome, ask Ian. He’ll never forget the purpose of the assignment he’s on and won’t rest till it’s achieved. Big project or small, it’s the outcomes that matter.”

Senior Project Manager

Program Manager

Operations Manager

Group Systems Manager

Dave Hale

“Dave’s sense of humour is… well, you should see for yourself. His wry exterior makes working with him just plain fun. He pulls teams and resources together with wisdom to get results with a minimum of fuss. Everyone loves working with Dave.”

Project Manager

Business Analyst

Service Delivery Manager

IT Program Manager

David Mudge

“David’s international experience gives him terrific insights into diverse organisations across the technology spectrum. He works like crazy to make sure his clients get what they need and makes the journey really enjoyable.”

Project Manager

Product Manager

Technical Marketing

Business Strategy

Rohan Bishop

“Rohan loves building relationships based on deep understanding and mutual respect.  Oh, and he’s a total cricket tragic…”

Business Development Manager

Kristi McMillan

“Kristi’s first love is photography, and she brings this creative passion to all she does. In the ICT and UI/UX context, this is a huge asset.”


Graphic & Web Design

Paul Phillips - Associate

“Paul’s a straight talking tech leader who sees to the heart of  complex technology problems.”

Technical Project Manager


Team Leader

We don’t just talk about collaboration – we live and breathe it. When you work with someone from Adept, you gain the benefit of many team members’ insights and experience; our client-focused team forums see to that!

We know what it takes to deliver successful outcomes for our clients.

We’re not afraid to take on a challenge.

We go the extra mile to work with our clients to achieve our shared goals.