Adept was founded in 2004 in response to a market need for proven leaders at short notice to facilitate and accelerate the delivery of technology outcomes. We concentrate on the execution of flexible and adaptable engagements where there is a need for experienced, mature and proven leadership with ICT, project and software / product expertise.

“A successful team is a group of many hands but of one mind”
Bill Bethel

Our approach helps reduce risk and increase certainty with pragmatic, hands-on expertise during periods of change, growth, peak load or the transformation of people, culture and technology.

Our proven leadership, capabilities and expertise can help you realise tangible benefits and leave you with a legacy of increased capability that contributes to your future success – with or without us.

Your outcomes are our outcomes. Let’s join forces.

Rob Silva and Nigel Hall
(Executive Directors and founders)

Rob and Nigel continue to be active in the business, working on strategic engagements with clients across the commercial and public sectors.