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Adept Business Breakfast 11 April 2017

Adept Technology hosts inaugural business leaders breakfast

DRIVERLESS VEHICLES: What does it mean for SA?


with guest speakers Rita Excell (Australian Driverless Vehicle Initiative) and David Stewart (Cohda Wireless)

The Lion Hotel.  Tuesday, 11th April, 2017.

Adept had the pleasure of hosting nearly 50 people in its inaugural business breakfast.

Rita Excell, the Executive Director of the Australian Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI), spoke about the tremendous opportunities that await South Australian companies who embrace this game-changing technology. Rita spoke of ADVI’s mission to accelerate the introduction of driverless vehicles into Australia and New Zealand. ADVI coordinates collaboration between nearly 100 partners across technology, vehicle, insurance, community, research organisations etc and including nearly 20 partners from South Australia. Rita spoke of the technological achievements and the obvious benefits to personal and commercial transportation and safety, but also gave the audience an appreciation to the wider impacts such as empowering sections of the communities that have never been able to get in a car and enjoy the benefits that we do – e.g the vision impaired and disabled.

David Stewart from Cohda Wireless – a world leader in “Vehicle to Anything” (V2X) communication – then demonstrated what a South Australian company can do with the right leadership, vision and environment. Cohda is a South Australian success story that provides technology that is unique across the world. David talked of the numerous global initiatives, from the new General Motors Chevrolet incorporating Cohda’s V2V connectivity to the massive underground Rio Tinto mine where Cohda is connecting underground vehicles, assets and infrastructure.

After the event, the CEO of Adept commented “Rita & David’s presentations clearly resonated with those present. Their messages provided a timely reminder there is ample opportunity for innovation and collaboration in the autonomous vehicle sector both now and in the coming years. My hope is that the vibrant conversations at the end of the event were the beginnings of new business relationships that will help secure South Australia’s economic future.

It was an inspiring event and one that is very much aligned to our mission: to contribute to the future sustainability of SA’s ICT Economy. After such a successful morning, we are excited to host another business event in July and look forward to seeing you there.

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