You’re reading this because:

•  You have a technical project facing “challenges”

•  Confidence in your development team is waning

•  A deadline is approaching like a locomotive


Adept solves complex software and IT/ICT project issues and people problems. We are fast and effective for temporary assignments, delivering long-term results.

Commercially, it makes more than good business sense to work with Adept, because we preserve your cashflow and deliver certainty for critical technology projects. More cost effective than employing additional staff, Adept delivers a team of highly skilled and proven technology experts on tap, driven by a dedicated and experienced executive level leader.


If you still decide to hire, just consider that an employee comes with limited skill sets, experience and a lot of overheads. Using Adept provides flexibility; every cent goes towards ensuring your projects, people and budgets become another success story.

My project or people

are off track

Landing a 5-tonne helicopter onto the deck of a ship in a storm.

We helped create the software for this complex system.


With a deadline breathing down everyone’s neck, and an international customer growing impatient, Adept literally worked 7 days a week to deliver this highly complex project for Prism Defence.

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“We have benefited from their innate drive to ensure we not only had success on this project, but also to build capacity and capability to underpin our success in the future. I recommend the Adept team to anyone who runs a technology development program.”


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